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Our Specialty: House Breaking (Potty Training)
Keep your house "accident free" by potty training (or "house breaking") your dog.  House breaking takes a lot of time and patience as each dog learns at his/her own pace. If you're short on time, patience or both, that's where we can be of assistance! We use a variety of house breaking techniques. Our favorite approach is "Ring the Bells".  We can teach your dog to alert you when he/she needs to go outside by ringing the bells that hang on a door or nearby.  We can also teach you dog to let  him/herself outside by using a dog door.  This method is very popular for the family that is on the go.  Let us help you pick the method that is right for you.

No time to train your dog?  Simply send him/her to our house and we can teach basic training or house breaking.  It may take a week or a few weeks, depending on the dog and depending on what he/she needs to learn.  Your dog will live with our family and be treated as such - with access to a safe and secure backyard, the house and your dog can even have time to play and socialize with our own dogs(if he/she so desires).  After your dog is trained, we will bring him/her back to you and share the techniques that will help keep your dog well-behaved.Type your paragraph here.

If your dog just needs a refresher course, or it is simply more convenient for you, we offer private lessons held in the comfort of your own home.  You tell us what your dog needs to learn, and we'll arrange a convenient time to fit your schedule.  These lessons normally last about an hour.

Sitting Services:

Planning a special vacation or weekend getaway?  Don't board your dog in a kennel.  Give your dog a vacation of his/her own.  It will be hard for them to miss you when they're at our house, getting the attention, they deserve.  We offer pet sitting services by the day or night.

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